1. Volkswagen Tristar concept GTI wannabe on Enkei RPF1, illustration made for Made to Scrape - stance/low car community/blog from Latvia [Photoshop]

  2. Sticker design for Made to Scrape blog/community about stance/low car scene [Illustrator]

  3. Lada 2108 “Sputnik” with over fenders - ATS Classic  [Illustrator]

  4. BMW 318ti Compact - OZ Breytons [Illustrator]

  5. Porsche 918 RSR inspired by Liberty Walk. Posters will be available soon at vectorilicious.bigcartel.com

  6. Jawa 500 Speedway Cafe Racer [3ds max + VRay + Lightroom + Photoshop]

  7. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Rally Livery in cooperation with MMAL Design [3ds max + VRay + Lightroom + Photoshop]

  8. Slammed Tesla Model S on Volk TE37 - “White Snail” [Illustrator + Photoshop]

  9. Clock [3ds max + VRay + Photoshop] - inspired by Dieter Rams design for Braun

  10. Ford Fiesta R2 Rally Livery in cooperation with MMAL Design for ANB Rally Team from Latvia [3ds max + VRay + Lightroom + Photoshop]

  11. Lada 2108 “Sputnik” Kanjo / Mugen Civic with Motul race livery on Rays ET37. Posters will be available soon at vectorilicious.bigcartel.com

  12. Stance Republic [CorelDraw] - own project made in 2010

  13. Project design for Days of Opportunities 2013, more info at doo.edu.lv

  14. Roadster vs. Pickup [3ds max + VRay + Photoshop]

  15. Jawa Cafe Racer Speedway Bike [3ds max + VRay + Photoshop]